The rain fell softly and slowly,
its pitter-patter lulling the man
into thoughts of comfort,
but never warning him
of the oncoming storm.


Silas said...

Hi. I've just read chapter 1 and interlude 1. But I decided to post here (and not in chapter 1) because I was afraid you didn't see it.

I'd just like to say, with my bad English, that your posts are really just wonderful... I felt an affection for your blog... because I write the same thing, everyday. Unfortunately, I suppose you will not able to read it because it is in Portuguese, my native language (I'm brazilian.), anyway: http://diretrizes.blogspot.com

I've found your blog when I was searching for "sadness"... because... I feel always sadness. You are so far from me, I suppose, but I can see, it doesn't matter where somebody is, the problems and the feelings are the same.

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P.S.: Apologies for my bad English.

mattharmless said...

Thanks alot Silas!

Your english isn't bad at all.

Sage said...

Dude... I know sam liedke (frined from georgia)... but that was awesome poetry!!! I'm a poet myself... well... meh...

adolescenthoughts said...

That is pretty sad.
It puts things perfectly, though.


mattharmless said...